08 July 2011


i'm a really big fan of my workspace, so i decided to share with you.
specifically you, internet.

the view from here.

the bear/paperweight's name is ray bourque, the antler was found biking with my brothers and the owl hold candles. like, right in it's belly.

the coolest drawing of me ever is in the bottom-right. ollie drew himself and i ripping it up in a half pipe. i am in the green shirt, he is wearing the orange. totally radical.

i have perfected the 360 chair spin from computer desk to drawing desk. with great style too, if i may have the moment to boast.

... if i may have the moment to boast.

if i let you drink from this mug it means that i think you're pretty outlandishly great. i'm usually quite protective of this mug.

despite having lost various sketchbooks in pubs, peoples' houses, on a bus in ottawa (thankfully retrieved by cassie), trains, and in the woods, there is only one that has been permanently lost. gone, but not forgotten.

i'm done now. thanks.

07 July 2011

lend an ear, lend an ear!