16 April 2011

p-p-playoff time

i know, i know,
the playoffs are no time to be posting leafs propaganda,
but i don't care.
the phrase is lifted from the motto of the coat of arms of ontario. it's perhaps a bit ironic for a guy who grew up a penguins fan (and still consider myself so) until half the team was traded to ottawa, whom i spent some unfortunate years cheering for (we all make silly decisions in our teen years, allow me this youthful indiscretion).
"But we can't escape ourselves forever, and more of ourselves than we choose to admit is the accumulated weight of our ancestors. As I grew older the thought of the *Leafs began to haunt me."
- Hugh MacLennan
(note: the word Highlands was replaced with Leafs, but yeah, you get the point)

inspiration from perhaps my new favourite blog: vintage leafs

...but that'll have to wait for the autumn. until then,
Go! Pens! Go!
(and vancouver, and yes, even montreal so long as they're playing an american team other than pittsburgh)


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