10 March 2011


recently i received a message from an old friend of mine from guelph, mr. davey lander (a man with a beard so legendary that it is said to hold great powers. i have heard tell that the wearer of such a beard gains +14 hitpoints and strength +22).

he has been helping to organize a festival out in st. john's, newfoundland, where he's living now. the festival is called "lawnya vawnya," which is a term out there for "having a good time at a dance party with plenty to eat."

if most of these bands were foods i would eat them sans manners and head back for seconds. the opportunity to do posters for tony dekker and dave bidini was especially great for me. both of those guys have inspired countless doodles, drawings and paintings of mine.

overall i'm quite happy with these, and extremely proud to be involved in with folks like these and a festival like this.
hopefully i can make it out to newfoundland in person for this. it's the only canadian province i haven't been too, and i have a feeling it's a big miss.


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