18 July 2010

show and tell

i had a very pleasant sunday which consisted of hockey drawing, too much coffee, too many bagels, and just the right amount of air guitar.
having never posted any process i thought that i might share a little. so, here is some very basic process:

this was one of those ideas that just sort of seems to pop into your head. the frame of trilliums and fleurs-de-lis was something that i had really wanted to do, and is sort of a mainstay throughout my thinking of this.
i had a pretty strong idea in my head for how i wanted it to look, so i was really just moving things around, re-orienting some elements and varying sizes. i toyed with some ideas like the map, but even as thumbnails it seemed to kill things.

i really wasn't feeling the watercolours and pencil, so i used the unfinished scan as a basis to colour it on photoshop.


hellojenuine said...

love the little detail, such as the tiny rink they're standing on. i think the watercolour looks great, but so does the digital version.

Mike Terry said...

Awesome! Like the process and your art style.

Jackie said...

I love every thing you dooooo

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Ian!

Question for you: What do you do when you scan your images? Do you alter the levels to take out the gray grain from the paper, and do you ever fix use your pen/marker line-work with a filter or command in Illustrator or Photoshop? Or do you completely redo your line-work digitally? (I'm still unfamiliar with both Photoshop and Illustrator - trying to find the best way to clean up sketches and add colour digitally).


Kurt said...

and do you ever fix your pen/marker line-work*

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