23 July 2010

it's not the end of the world, of course

scotch tape, a particularly inspiring paperclip, an elastic, pencil crayons, a song stuck in your head, and some dirt from the lunchroom floor are enough to occupy any break at the office where you work.

18 July 2010

show and tell

i had a very pleasant sunday which consisted of hockey drawing, too much coffee, too many bagels, and just the right amount of air guitar.
having never posted any process i thought that i might share a little. so, here is some very basic process:

this was one of those ideas that just sort of seems to pop into your head. the frame of trilliums and fleurs-de-lis was something that i had really wanted to do, and is sort of a mainstay throughout my thinking of this.
i had a pretty strong idea in my head for how i wanted it to look, so i was really just moving things around, re-orienting some elements and varying sizes. i toyed with some ideas like the map, but even as thumbnails it seemed to kill things.

i really wasn't feeling the watercolours and pencil, so i used the unfinished scan as a basis to colour it on photoshop.

14 July 2010

MISSING! nope, nevermind

okay! i was going to post about how sad i was that i lost my sketchbook and how happy i was that i finally saw the flaming lips. they're a band i've wanted to see since i was in highschool and it finally happened. how they lived up to my ridiculously high expectations i'll never know, but they blew me away.
and on the sketchbook front, my lovely friend cassie got in touch with lovely OC transpo for me and they had a lovely conversation and everything is lovely and i'll get it back. a gap on the shelf would have been terrible! these little books are my favourite things i own.

04 July 2010

life's like canadian football

I haven't posted anything on here in quite some time. My apologies to the internet. I have too many things that I could post, and perhaps will throw up a collage of doodles and drawings from the past month. But first, I wanted to share something that I found the other day. It combines my love of Canadian kitsch and sport as analogy for life.